September 15, 2010

BVS Backup

Like I mentioned last post, here's some info about Rob Zombie's Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock?, currently hitting comic shops through Image Comics. I've been working as an editor on this book for the past few months and it's been a ton of fun, as always. Rob's done a great job with the series and the characters he's created. I worked with Rob back in the MVCreations days when we were publishing Spookshow International, and I'm still finding myself impressed with the range of stories he comes up with-- anything from comedy to horror to more gritty, serious works. The guy does it all!

Baron Von Shock has turned out to be a very gritty, mature story sprinkled with the kind of comedy only Rob can deliver, and it's been a great pleasure to be a part of. But I was totally stoked when Rob asked if I would be willing to do some backup stories in BVS. I'd shown him some of the work I'd done on Casper and the Spectrals for Ardden Entertainment and he dug the style. So I worked up some quick sketches of the main characters in a more cartoony style and we were in business.

I'm working on my third backup story now, but I thought I'd post the lineart for my first tale here. BVS #3 hit comic stands today (or last week depending on your local comic shop's shipping schedules). Check it out!

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