October 21, 2010

Once Upon a Superhero

I still need to create a blog entry to sum up my experiences at the New York Comic Con a couple weekends ago (short version is that we had an absolute blast and really enjoyed seeing so many readers and friends!), but I wanted to devote this blog post to Rod's new comic, Once Upon a Superhero.

He's had this in the works for a while, and had help with art in the awesome drawings of John Amor to make this a reality. This issue features pin-ups by greats like Mike Maihack and Robbi Rodriguez, and a new cover by myself with colors by the ever talented James Offredi.

It tells the story of Russian born superhero Sovena Red, who-- on her eleventh birthday in 1954-- mysteriously gained godlike super powers. Since that day, she has dedicated these amazing abilities to protecting the innocent and defending the world from all manner of super villainy. However, there was one small catch...

This issue is now available for digital download, with a printed version coming in November. Please help support the comic by checking it out and purchasing an issue-- you won't regret it!

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Charlie said...

So, I totally went & bought the book from ComiXPress just now. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE your art style...!! I might have to hire you one of these lovely days... :D