May 2, 2016

Awesome Con Commissions!

I am now taking pre-show commissions for Awesome Con! Rod and I will have another Blue Milk Special table there along with our other Star Wars pals (more information on the table number when we have it), and if you're looking to get an original sketch from me, now's the time to do it! Prices are as follows:

 If you're interested in getting on the list, drop me an email. $20 sketchcard slots are also available!

October 20, 2015

Crazy Cool

Some time ago, I was commissioned by my pal Karen to draw a piece featuring different aspects from Paula Abdul's career. Some of you may remember that I drew Paula quite a bit back in the American Idol days, albeit pretty cartoony pieces featuring her and her fellow judges, but we wanted something more realistic for this piece. Since I am total PA fangirl, I had a complete blast playing around with different scenes from Paula's music videos-- and even a Coke commercial!-- to create the finished art. (You can find descriptions and links to music videos for each of the panels here on my deviantART page.)

Fast forward a couple years later, and Karen was actually able to meet Paula herself this past Sunday at the 3rd annual Wigs and Wishes charity gala. Not only did Karen give Paula a copy of my commission, but she had a photo taken of her holding it!

It was completely surreal and awesome. Not every day you can say that a celeb you admire (and fangirl over) digs one of your drawings!

Special thanks to Karen and Britney Clause Photography for the gorgeous photo!! 

December 14, 2014

Happy Holidays from us and Hickory!

Happy Holidays!

The above image was a drawing I whipped up for the Xmas cards Rod and I sent out this year. It features characters from our first children's storybook-- Hickory Hippo and the Snow Mystery!

It features the adventures of Hickory, an inquisitive little hippo, and his animal friends. This has been a long time coming, and we're excited to finally be able to introduce it to the world!

The first adventure is available right now in time to be a holiday gift for any little ones, friends or family in your life.

Please check out our cute little project and consider sharing or ordering Hickory Hippo and the Snow Mystery. It can be purchased through or

We appreciate all the support we can get! :)

July 12, 2014


I haven't posted much here lately, so I figured I'd throw up a quick drawing I did last night of Humphrey Bogart. Rod and I have been on a Bogie kick lately so I had to get it out of my system. Here's looking at you, kid.

I've been working on some projects lately, most of which I can't share, but I'm still alive and kicking. And I'll have some information about our first Hickory Hippo book soon-ish! Exciting stuff ahead!

March 31, 2014

Hickory Hippo

I mentioned this in the last update (so many months ago), but now it is official-- the children's book series Rod and I have been working on is now available for pre-order at!

We're both really excited about this project, as it's something we've been wanting to do for a long while now. It features the fantastic adventures of Hickory Hippo and his animal friends. Each story sees the little hippo exploring his magical world and problem-solving to help talking snowmen, aquatic cats, hungry platypuses and more! The first title in the series, Hickory Hippo and the Snow Mystery, is available for pre-order in several different packages with extra goodies included!

The full Hickory website will be up sometime in April, and I'll make another announcement when that happens. But for now, please check it out and spread the word!

September 2, 2013

Lost Visionaries

It's been a while, but I wanted to get another blog entry in as we're about to head into a busy next couple weekends with convention appearances.

First, though, above is a drawing I did for issue #10 of cereal:geek magazine (on sale now!), featuring a batch of characters from the 1980s toyline and cartoon series Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light.

The above characters were to be released in Visionaries’ 1988 wave of toys but never got past the prototype stage, as the line was subsequently cancelled (alas). I had a lot of fun revisiting the Visionaries again (it’s one of my favorite cartoon series of all time, despite only having 13 episodes), and was blown away by the color work on this piece done by the mighty Andrew Cramer! Always a blast doing art for cereal:geek.

Now in convention news... Rod and I will be back at Baltimore Comic-Con this coming weekend (September 7-8)! We will be at Table A68, and the Blue Milk Special banner will be flying proudly, with brand new art! I'll also have a new banner of my own, featuring characters in the new children's book series Rod and I have been working on-- Hickory Hippo! We're really excited about our upcoming Hippo tales, and hope to have more to share about this project soon.

If you can make it to Baltimore Comic-Con, you’ll not only be able to purchase sketches, comics and prints, but also pick up a free BMS bookmark featuring brand new Return of the Jedi art, including Admiral Ackbar. It’s the first time we’ve ever made a bookmark, and we hope you’ll put it to use reading Star Wars novels (and other goodies). We will also have a few of the friendly 501st Legion guarding our table and ready to pose for a photo.

Check out a map of the convention center showing where to find us below:

And the following weekend on September 14th we'll be in Oaks, Pennsylvania for Retro Con! The show is a toy and nostalgia-oriented convention featuring nearly 30,000 square feet filled with collectibles, artwork and much more. This will be our first appearance in Pennsylvania and we're very excited!

Hope to see some of you there!

March 26, 2013

"Your Turn" T-shirts!

I'm very pleased to finally be able to announce that I have teamed with Baltimore PressBox for official "Your Turn" Ravens/Orioles t-shirts!

Please check 'em out at the PressBox online store and spread the word!

This is something that has been in the works for a few weeks now, and since I posted the "Your Turn" drawing I've been getting emails from people wondering when the shirts would be available again. The wait is over! 

The shirts are currently available in white and orange, and there may also be black shirts to come.

These are the only shirts with my artwork that I have approved-- accept no substitutes. I say this because it was brought to my attention last week that someone else had stolen my artwork and was trying to sell t-shirts with the image. We're in the process of taking care of this issue, but I do appreciate anyone letting me know if they come across any counterfeit shirts that do not match the above image and are not being sold through PressBox.

Thanks so much for the support, everyone! Go O's!