October 20, 2015

Crazy Cool

Some time ago, I was commissioned by my pal Karen to draw a piece featuring different aspects from Paula Abdul's career. Some of you may remember that I drew Paula quite a bit back in the American Idol days, albeit pretty cartoony pieces featuring her and her fellow judges, but we wanted something more realistic for this piece. Since I am total PA fangirl, I had a complete blast playing around with different scenes from Paula's music videos-- and even a Coke commercial!-- to create the finished art. (You can find descriptions and links to music videos for each of the panels here on my deviantART page.)

Fast forward a couple years later, and Karen was actually able to meet Paula herself this past Sunday at the 3rd annual Wigs and Wishes charity gala. Not only did Karen give Paula a copy of my commission, but she had a photo taken of her holding it!

It was completely surreal and awesome. Not every day you can say that a celeb you admire (and fangirl over) digs one of your drawings!

Special thanks to Karen and Britney Clause Photography for the gorgeous photo!! 

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