June 27, 2009

After-School Agent

In addition to Perhapanauts #6 being released at Heroes Con, I also contributed art to Scott Weinstein and Chris Zaccone's After-School Agent, which was released as a Convention Special at Heroes.

Rod and I first met Scott at Heroes Con last year, where we had a table next to his. It just so happened that Scott was an incredibly nice guy and had an awesome comic. We became very good friends, and a few months back Scott asked if I would be willing to draw a new story for ASA. I was thrilled, and so... the Convention Special was born.

For those who aren't familiar with Scott and Chris' fantastic book, After-School Agent features a character named Gordon, a 13-year-old boy who was dying of cancer... until his parents made a decision and the Government intervened. The experimental drug they gave him worked, and Gordon lived. But his parents never knew how strong or how fast the drug made Gordon. But the Government knew, and now Gordon works for them, splitting his time between going to school and dealing with mundane family matters, and kicking terrorist arse.

ASA works so well because of the interactions between Gordon and his family, and Gordon and the Government-- even though Gordon has skills and abilities the normal human doesn't, he's still just a 13-year-old kid, and you never lose sight of that. It's full of great adventures, witty dialogue and colorful characters. I highly recommend everyone check it out! It's now up as a webcomic at, with new pages posted every Monday.

I've uploaded the eight pages I drew for ASA into my sequential gallery. Check 'em out!

As for Heroes Con, a detailed report will be coming soon...

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Scott Weinstein said...

Hey Leanne,

The pages look great. (I've told you that a bunch, but they REALLY look great.)

And for other people, you should know that not only is Leanne extremely talented, she's extremely professional. Very quick, but thorough. And maybe one of the easiest to work with artists I've ever met.