May 31, 2009

Idol Season 8, Fin

American Idol finished up its eighth season last week. I wasn't all that impressed with the performances on Tuesday, but man, the finale kicked all kinds of tail. KISS and Queen? How can you get better than that?? Great performances all around, Kara showed up Bikini Girl, and my Norman Gentle made a comeback appearance. Awesome night.

Congrats to Kris for the win, though I'm sure both he and Adam (and Allison!) will all go on to have promising careers.

I saw this cool Idol video created by Jenastar that pays tribute to the Idol finale and various clips from this past season. She gave me permission to post it here, so I figured I'd end this blog entry with that. Even if this is the last season I watch (if Paula doesn't come back next year), I can say that at least season eight went out on a definite high.

And I really had a blast working on these cartoons. Thank you very much to everyone for all of the kind comments-- it really means a lot.

idol look back from Jensastar on Vimeo.

New post will be coming tomorrow with a new sketch as I get ready for Heroes Con, now less than a month away!

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Rainbow said...

Freaking awesome cartoon. Freaking awesome video. Freaking awesome season.