June 25, 2008


I had a table set up at Heroes this year. It was actually my first time having a table of my own and was also my first time at the Heroes convention itself. And I seriously had a lot of fun. It's the best con I've ever been to, actually. So laid back and friendly. But more on that in a bit...

A Punisher commission a nice British guy asked for. I don't think I've actually ever drawn Punisher before, so this one was fun. I was just about to ask the guy for reference when he said, "Oh, it's so nice to ask someone for a commission and not have them ask for reference." So I bit my tongue and pretended that I knew exactly what his costume looked like.

Looking back on it his legs are too small... But what can you do?

I also had someone come up to me from the message boards and ask for a Hordak sketch. This was also a lot of fun, but I was glad Emiliano was with me to provide me with ref. And I was very glad that it was classic Hordak this guy asked for and not the more recent version. The amount of detail would have taken me hours.

I did do a few others but didn't take pictures (because I'm an idiot). But I do still owe my pal Jon a Power Rangers sketch... I haven't forgotten!

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