September 20, 2007

Sketches and Auctions

A quick sketch I drew up at work the other day featuring my character Jayden (left) and my pal Danielle's character Nan Quills (right).

I'm finding Jayden really easy to draw, which is cool. I have fun working on sketches of him and I think I have his look down pretty well. Now I just need to move on to the other supporting characters, villains, background characters and such. Sigh. Looong way to go. But at least I'm having fun with it.

Right now I'm working on thumbnails and rough sketches for a couple of pieces that will be in cereal:geek issue #3. Should be pretty cool if I can pull them off! I'm actually pretty glad to have this to work on because it keeps me focused and not dwelling on the same negative, depressing stuff I have been for over a month now. It's weird for me, being so depressed lately, because normally I'm a pretty laid back, positive person.

Anyway. Baby steps, I suppose.

This morning I woke up at 4:30 AM in order to win an auction someone had posted for one of Mike's 2007 sketchbooks. I'd wanted one for a while and was either hoping to get one from him at the Baltimore show or I was planning on just ordering one from him through his website. After his passing that wasn't possible, obviously, so I was pretty determined to get one if I was able to find it. And when I won the auction early this morning I was incredibly excited. After it arrives and I've had a look through it I'm going to have it framed and hang it next to the Stratos drawing Mike did for me. That was a real pick-me-up this morning :)

And on that note... 'Til next time!

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