September 14, 2007

Hero and Villain

Drew up a quick sketch at work today. These are two original characters from a story of mine that I've wanted to do for years. I first came up with the idea back when I was in middle school (some 15 years ago now)-- course, it's kind of expanded since then, and I can draw a wee bit better these days, but I'd put it out of my mind for a while. Just recently, though, I'd been reminded of it and was surprised at just how much of it I remembered.

I'd drawn a little comic book about it years back (it was supposed to be a three-issue miniseries drawn up in pen on 8.5" x 11" typing paper), but the comic has since been lost. The main character, pictured above with the sword, is named Jayden. He lives in a war-torn world where sorcery and dark magic have taken over, and is sent on a quest to take back a source of power and try to restore order to his decaying world. Over the course of the series he meets up with a bunch of quirky characters and gets in a bit of trouble. Fun stuff.

The main villain is unnamed at the moment, and he more than likely won't look the same as in the image above, but I wanted to at least have a starting point as I redesign him. These two will probably go through many changes as I go along.

But for now, this is what I've got.

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