August 21, 2012

Masters Cast

It's been ages since I last updated this blog, but I figured I'd pimp out the fact that I guest hosted an episode of Masters Cast, the He-Man and She-Ra podcast, just last weekend.

Masters Cast is a monthly podcast recorded by some of my good pals-- Jon Kallis, Katie Haile, Martin Penny and Josh de Lioncourt-- wherein they discuss anything and everything to do with Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power and beyond!

In episode 47 we discuss the recent Masters of the Universe print and digital comic series, the Mattel/MOTUC subscription craziness, and the utter injustice of Mattel killing off Stratos. (Curse you, Mattel!) Check it out!

September's going to be a busy convention month for me, so I'll be updating again fairly soon with more information. I swear.

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