August 17, 2011

Baltimore 2011!

It's that time again...

Time for one of my favorite cons, the Baltimore Comic Con!

Both Rod and myself will be at the Bmore show this weekend, August 20-21. If you can make it to the show, you'll find us in Artist Alley at table A175, located at the end of one of the rows facing the signing area (bottom right hand corner of the convention floor plan). As always, I will be doing commissions sketches and we'll be selling prints of all kinds, as well as giving away Blue Milk Special postcards and milk cartons. And we'll also have a BMS exclusive Baltimore print (if I can manage to finish it in time...).

You can click here to download a larger version of the convention center floor plan.

Baltimore Comic Con is semi-local for us and it’s a pretty large two-day show that keeps growing and getting better every year. It takes place at the The Baltimore Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday, August 20 & 21, 2011. Show hours are: Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 10-5. Stan Lee will be there!

Apart from that, still been chugging away on Blue Milk Special, which has recently gone through a site makeover, and working on putting the last issue of Rob Zombie's Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock? comic series together. Also, thanks to my sister's rather ingenious birthday present of a sketch journal back in June, I've started doing daily sketches. I post all of them on my twitter account, but some of them also make their way onto Facebook. I'll add more every once in a while. They're all totally random and usually based on what I'm currently watching or reading or whatever. Check them out if you're into that sort of thing.

Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and check out the new trailer for the big screen adaption of The Woman in Black. The British TV movie that came out in the late 1980s is still my favorite ghost movie of all time, and I'm pretty psyched by what I'm seeing so far with the Radcliffe version. F-ing sweet.

That's it from me. Hope to see some of you this weekend!

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shawful said...

Ingenious, huh? I'll take it!! So sorry I'll be missing the Bmore con this year, but I'm sure you guys will have a blast, as always. xoxoxo! You two rock my socks.