November 21, 2009


I'm late posting about this because I'm a horrible person, but Lava-Roid-- the comic I finished a few months ago-- has been getting some really cool reviews.

Lava-Roid was created and written by my pal Kevin Conn and co-written by Stephen "Jesus Hates Zombies" Lindsay. It's a hilarious little book, and I was thrilled to be able to work on it. I had a ton of fun and Kevin gave me full reign with character design and layouts and wackiness.

So... onto the reviews!

The peeps at Ain't It Cool News gave the book a really nice review that you can read HERE (by scrolling down a bit).

Then, Newsarama gave it a shout-out, which you can read HERE (by once again scrolling down a little).

Jennifer Pierce also gave the book a nice review on her blog, which you can read HERE.

And to top that off, G4's Blair Butler mentioned the book on Fresh Ink Online. I am completely humbled and flattered that she mentioned my art. You can check out the review (about 1:32 in) here:

Thanks, everyone, for the great reviews! It was a labor of love and I was glad to be involved.

If you want to check out Lava-Roid for yourself, it's available to purchase on Indy Planet. See what it's all about!

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Matt Wieringo said...

Congrats, Leanne! Props from Blair! That's really cool.