September 14, 2009

Demon Cat

Just a quick one for today. And yeah, I couldn't decide on a catchy title for this one.

This was a possible pin-up I'd sketched up for the Mice Templar gang, but it ended up not being quite what they were looking for, so I scrapped it. But I may still finish it one day...

So lately I've been playing Beatles Rock Band... a lot. This game is absolutely fantastic. I just wish it was October so I could download songs/albums in the Rock Band store. Sigh. I'm still hung up on playing Paul's bass (I think you should get extra points for playing it left-handed like Paul-- and not just cause I'm left-handed... just sayin'), and after unlocking a bunch of challenges, I'm now going through the game again to get five stars on every song on hard level. It's tough sometimes, but oh so much fun!

Expert level is going to kill me.

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