June 1, 2009

The Walking Dead

Over the past couple weeks I've been working on sketches to put in a new sketchbook I hope to have ready for Heroes Con in a few weeks. I'm going to throw in some older stuff too that I haven't put online, but I also wanted to have some new pieces to show.

Last year, for various reasons, I took a long break from reading comics (except for certain gems like Todd and Craig's Perhapanauts cause I love that series too too much), and just recently started to get caught up. So I had about a year or more worth of issues sitting waiting for me.

One of the titles I just finished reading is Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead. It's such a great, gritty series with tons of character development and plot twists and turns to keep things exciting. Oh, and it has zombies too. So one of the first sketches I started working on was something featuring Rick and his son Carl. And I threw in a few zombies for good measure.

I'll probably post a few more sketches here and there as the con approaches. And I'll also post more info on what I'll have available to purchase at the convention itself. Stay tuned!

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craig rousseau said...

sweet! can't wait to see what else you've got in the sketchbook...