June 15, 2009

Ship of Fools

I first met Bryan Glass and Mike Oeming at Heroes Con last year, and they were very nice and gave me some tips and good feedback on my portfolio. They were also the only two people at the con (I think) who looked at my Jenna Stannis digital painting and knew who the hell she was. Turns out they are both big Blake's 7 fans, and I was thrilled.

We talked B7 for a bit and Bryan handed me a series (that he wouldn't let me pay for) called Ship of Fools, something he and Mike worked on over 10 years ago that was first published at Caliber Comics, and later, Image Comics. He told me he thought I would enjoy the series because it was very Blake's 7-inspired. And man, he was right.

I re-read the series recently and was inspired to draw a new piece for my sketchbook that I will have at Heroes Con this weekend. It's a really great read and Mike Oeming's style fits in so well with it-- it's very gritty with a great story and awesome characters. I recommend everyone check it out!

I have my sketchbook cover finalized and I will unveil it probably tomorrow... or Wednesday. I'm just getting the final files compiled so I can send this baby off to the printers. Can't wait for Heroes!


rwhannah said...

Sending off the printers? You mean me? ;-)

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