October 12, 2008

Wonder Woman Day '08

I lied... I do have something new to show after all. I updated my deviantART site with this, but not here on the blog. So here it is.

This is a piece I drew for Wonder Woman Day III. It will be auctioned off for charity to raise money and awareness for domestic violence shelters and crisis lines. There are a lot of great artists involved with this project and some awesome art will be up for grabs.

I had fun working on this, even if it didn't exactly turn out the way I saw it in my head as I drew. I'm still getting used to inking my own work and felt it was lacking something when I finished, so I decided to add gray tones to it to kind of flesh it out a little more.

I know I'm no Adam Hughes or Jim Lee, but I hope my piece raises a little money for the charity and that whoever gets it will enjoy it.

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