September 23, 2008

Baltimore Comic-Con!

So in a few days I'm heading up to the Baltimore Comic-Con. Despite living most of my life in Maryland, last year was the first year I went to the B-more show. But it was very cool and has a nice Heroes Con vibe to it, so I definitely wanted a table this year. The past couple weeks have been spent getting stuff ready, and lucky for me Rod has been able to do a lot for me while I've been busy working on stuff. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Above is the sign that'll be on my table at the con. I put Hippo back on the sign as kind of a nod to what I'd tried to do with my meager Heroes Con sign, which was hand drawn at the last minute. (I think Hippo will be my mascot from now on.) I'll be situated in artists alley at Table 3, and I'll be doing sketches and selling three different prints. Should be fun!

I've been busy these past few months getting things ready for Heroes and the SDCC (I know, I know, I still need to upload my pics from the show!), and I just recently finished up a back-up story for Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau's awesome Perhapanauts comic series. It's a really fun book, and I was thrilled to be able to work on it.

The story I worked on was penned by the awesomely talented Scott Weinstein, and it's a cool little tale-- I had a lot of fun! It really feels like a proper 'Haps story, and it was a blast to draw. I was laughing out loud before even getting to the end of page one, so I think that says something. Our 'Haps story will be published in the Halloween issue, I think, which should see print next month from Image Comics. I'll post more about it when I know for sure.

It was kind of a challenge for me, because I was trying to make the 'Haps work in my style. Craig's style works so well with them, and it was kinda intimidating at first having to tackle some of these guys. I also inked my own stuff, which was another challenge to get past, because it's been years since I've done it with my own stuff (in a serious capacity, at least). So... looking back on the pages I still see bits here and there that I wish I could redo, but I hope overall they came out okay and that people who enjoy the 'Haps don't feel that I've butchered Todd 'n Craig's characters.

And if I did butcher them, hopefully Rico's coloring will help cover it a little ;)

That's all from me for now. I'll post sketches and pics when I get back from Baltimore!

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